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The Flying Deutschman Livestream

The Flying Deutschman Livestream

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Calling on all Food Truck pirates to join in on "The real Food Truck Revolution" !!

When I started I was told that there is a Food Truck revolution going on. I thought that's cool sounds 100% like me. So I started investigating and as more as I looked around I started to realize that most Trucks are not revolutionaries, rather they are an extension of the Industry. Fast Food trucks have almost nothing in common with the real food from their prospective countries. I can start listing examples but I'd rather not offend anyone.


So here is my call to action to those that think they are part of the revolution or want to join. Please contact me I will create a list of trucks that really represent the "Real Food" from their respective countries. On top of that if you are interested I can offer you to join our "Live Stream", we will send you the camera and the know-how to join our streaming platform.


The goal is to find like-minded Truckers and stand out from the crowd.

Donations will be used to add cameras, increase quality, and enhance the overall experience of our onboard Livestream.


Cheers Stirling

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